Here are listed other activities with the same intent to create an alternative to freshmeat.

Postby milki » Wed 25. Jun 2014, 20:23

Hello Everyone;

I've also been contemplating a FM replacement, and by contemplating I mean coding it.
Here's a first prototype:

It's currently a lookalike of the late freecode. But a few feature divergences are planned.
Allow me to list a few to indicate where this is going:

  • It's a non-commercial project, so no paid advertisements etc.
  • No account registration requirement. It uses OpenID (but even that could be disabled).
  • Prefer community editing over moderation (though adminstrative features are prepared).
  • Automatic release updates are a pre-requisite IMO to get a vibrant FM substitute.
  • Content licensing is strictly CC-BY-SA, so another FM shutdown won't impact the whole FLOSS ecosystem.
  • Submissions get distributed, multiple frontends feasible.
It's not all in place yet, as I'm still experimenting with the database structure.

Foremost I'm looking here for feedback on a possible data exchange protocol. I envisioned something like a JSON feed, as @stefan already had; just a broader data structure containg project info and separate release/version data. Was thinking about a JSONified ATOM structure perhaps. and are currently aliases to, but obviously I'd like to share them out for setting up mirrors or preferrably alternative implementations (@stefan).


P.S.: @Lothar, thumbs up on the effort here to get the ball rolling.
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Postby lollisoft » Thu 26. Jun 2014, 02:23


It is really amazing. In my interest:

How do you got the prototype up?

Is it hand coded or any scaffolding stuff used?

I am rolling my own scaffolding tool, but yet do not have a way to create websites. Wrote a PHP4Applications version, but very
early trial only.

As I have seen, you are using Sqlite. Me Too! But I have an UML model and I generate the application with a button press. (XSLT transformation).
That makes sense, if you have many tables or in my case simple classes :-)

Regards and thanks for the first really contribution from a non founder!

Lothar Behrens
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Postby lollisoft » Thu 26. Jun 2014, 04:09


the code looks simple and I'll give it a try at my private server to play with it.


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Postby milki » Wed 30. Jul 2014, 06:34

Status report time.

There's been some excessive :] submission influx yesterday, due to two articles on freshcode:
Recent feature progress:
  • Trove map categorization is now prominently available for submissions.
  • And there's an initial reimplementation of the Freecode JSON API and a patched freecode-submit.
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@versiontracker on Twitter

Postby milki » Mon 10. Nov 2014, 14:46

Project announcements on freshcode now will be automatically mirrored on Twitter:

It looks kind of unenticing to me; but hey, that's just Twitter after all.
(The primary goal here again was to relieve project developers of that extraneous effort.)
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Postby admin » Sun 30. Nov 2014, 21:58

Now I have finished the first mirror site

Mirroring is executed every day. Images are mirrored at the same time and thus, it is ready for the first stage :D

Submitting new releases is still done at the main side and thus, it is therefore backlinked.

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