Found a post at discussing various stuff

Here are listed other activities with the same intent to create an alternative to freshmeat.

Found a post at discussing various stuff

Postby lollisoft » Wed 25. Jun 2014, 06:14

Here I repeat my post as a copy and pointing to the interesting discussion there:

Lothar Behrens


I would put my own points here but some may be posted earlier...

Find all the other places trying the same! Maybe with a Kickstarter anouncement to collect money for the hosting :-)

Only Open Source: Yes, but what about those who have Open Source Software and services?
My idea to this is, let them in with a rule to fund some amount. I think this will help without polluting the website with ads that otherwise come up at any time later :-)

Domain: As I have the same idea and setup with the closing of freshmeat, I own these domains (since some time before):, eu, net, and org.

I have currently setup a phpBB site at index.php to get
a more structured place to have areas of interest.

I do like the idea to have an upstream with no restrictions for Open Source authors that are registered and approved. If one violates, lock them temporarly and contact for clarifying.

A very easy way is currently implemented at but I am not sure if we are allowed to name it like that with the previous name in it :-)

My ideas around the language of imolementation is not in the Open Source area, but I can support the builds as of I am a licensed user.


The tools, offers, are very good. Offering strong capabilities in grids and reports to mention only some of their suite.

It is .NET, sorry :-) but supports much stuff.

I have made a suggestion on my forum to use these tools only for a review application that pulls the data for a review session and then to create reports in a HTML format or some other.
HTML could then be used as a marked up news site WITH reviewed contents :-)

The article is here viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3 and it uses a webservice where the data is located!

Thats my trials yet to the problems got without freshmeat. So sorry for that I am using tools in my toolbox :-)


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